1750 Series Fire Valve Cabinet

  • Model: 1750 to 1758


1750 Series cabinets will accommodate 1-1/2" and/or 2-1/2" fire department hose valves with caps and chains, and a portable fire extinguisher.  

Standard Material:

20 gauge cold rolled steel door, frame, and tub with a white powder-coat suitable as a finish or primer coat.  Flush doors with 5/8" door stop are attached by a 180° continuous hinge and equipped with a zinc-plated pull handle and roller catch.  Surface mounted models have square edge trim.  1-3/4" face trim on frame and 1-1/4" trim on doors with glazing.

Hardware:  Includes Model 1834 pull handle with (2) screws, roller catch with (2) screws, glass clips with set screws.    

Knockouts:  Refer to catalog page for knockout locations on recessed and semi-recessed models.  Knockout locations must be specified on surface mounted cabinets.  Knockouts are not available on fire-rated or stainless steel tubs.  

Available Models:

Refer to catalog page for capacity information. 

1750 - Recessed 3/8" flat trim, Inside Box: 20" x 27" x 7-3/4"
1751 - Semi-recessed 1-1/4" square edge trim, Inside Box: 20" x 27" x 7-3/4"
1752 - Semi-recessed 2-1/2" rolled edge trim, Inside Box: 20" x 27" x 7-3/4"
1758 - Surface mount, Inside Box: 23-3/16" x 30-3/16" x 8-1/4" 

Door Styles:

-A        Full panel with clear Plexiglas (acrylic)
-AT      Full panel with clear tempered glass
-AS      Full panel with laminated safety glass
-AW     Full panel clear wire glass with safety film
-D        Horizontal duo panel with clear Plexiglas (acrylic)
-DT      Horizontal duo panel with clear tempered glass
-DS      Horizontal duo panel with laminated safety glass
-DW    Horizontal duo panel with clear wire glass with safety film 
-DV      Vertical duo panel with clear Plexiglas (acrylic) 
-DVT    Vertical duo panel with clear tempered glass
-DVS    Vertical duo panel with laminated safety glass
-DVW   Vertical duo panel with clear wire glass with safety film
-E          Solid

Optional Door & Frame Materials:

-AL 18 gauge No. 180 clear anodized aluminum door and frame.  Surface mounted models have square edge trim and clear anodized aluminum tubs.  Rolled edge aluminum trim is formed of extrusions.

-SS 20 gauge type 304 No. 4 stainless steel door and frame.  Surface mounted models have rolled edge trim and stainless steel tubs with a galvanized back panel.  

Optional Fire-rated Tub:

-FR    Fire-Rated 20 gauge steel tub with white powder-coat, insulated with FirespanTM 90 by Thermafiber┬«, a UL-Listed, inorganic, mineral wool fiber insulation with high recycled content, attached to the exterior of the tub and forms a flange to cover cut edges of wallboard material.  These cabinets have been tested by Underwriters Laboratories┬« to maintain one and two-hour fire-rated wall barriers in accordance with ANSI/UL-1479, ASTM E814 and ULC/Can S115 for membrane and penetration firestops.  Installation instructions must be strictly adhered to in order to obtain the fire rating.  This option is not available for surface mounted models.

Additional Options & Accessories:

Refer to Downloads or Catalog for additional options and accessories.