2500 - Test and Drain Valve

  • Model: 2500


Sectional Floor Control Test and Drain Valve

Application: Provides the test and express drain functions for wet fire sprinkler systems.


  • Compact, Single-Handle Ball Valve 
  • Tamper-Resistant Test Orifice and Sight Glasses
  • Tapped and Plugged Port for System Access
  • 2” Model Features Groove x Groove Connections
  • Features Alternate Handle Locations for Difficult Installation Positions
  • Complies with NFPA 13, NFPA 13D, and NFPA 13R Requirements.
  • Made in the USA

Maximum working pressure: 300 PSI

Available sizes: 1", 1¼", 2" 

Orifice sizes: 3/8" (2.8K), 7⁄16" (4.2K), ½" (5.6K), 17⁄32" (8.0K), 5⁄8" (11.2K, ELO), ¾" (14.0K, ESFR), and K25


  • Locking Kit Available
  • Repair kits are available for all TESTanDRAIN® valves. Kit includes: Adapter Gasket (1), Ball (1), Valve Seats (2), Stem Packing (1), and Stem Washer (1). Valve and orifice size must be specified when ordering.


  • UL and ULC Listed (EX4019)
  • FM Approved
  • NYC-BSA No. 720-87-SM