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8072-VTD-25 Croker Valve Testing Kit




***FLOWBUSTER for Flow Testing Fire Pumps, Hydrants, Standpipes***


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Download Friction Loss Graph for Croker 5035/5045 - 5030/5040 Hose Valves



FirCabinetse Hose, Valve & Extinguisher Cabinets
     Fire Hose Cabinets  Sections 2-8 thru 2-13
     Fire Extinguisher Cabinets 
Sections 2-14 thru 2-16
     Fire Valve Cabinets 
Sections 2-17 thru 2-18
Sections 2-19 thru 2-20
ValvesAccess Panels
     Panel Selection Information  Section 2-22
     WMT Series 
Section 2-23
     FRP Series 
Section 2-24
     FRPWB Series 
Section 2-24
     DW Series 
Section 2-25
     PS Series 
Section 2-25
     TC Series 
Section 2-26
     PC Series 
Section 2-26
Specialties & AccessoriesSpecialty Cabinets
     Security Cabinets  Section 2-28
     Security Access Panels 
Section 2-29
     Marina Cabinets 
Section 2-29
     Lobby Storage Cabinets 
Section 2-31
     Sprinkler Control Cabinets 
Section 2-32
Hose Stations & AccessoriesHose Stations & Accessories
     Hose Rack Assemblies  Sections 3-2 thru 3-6
     Fire Hose and Couplings 
Sections 3-7 thru 3-9
     Fog Nozzles 
Section 3-10
     Straight Stream Nozzles 
Section 3-11
     Variable Gallonage Nozzles 
Section 3-12
Fire ExtinguishersFire Extinguishers
     Portable  Sections 4-4 thru 4-6
Section 4-7
     Class D, Wet Chemical & Brackets 
Section 4-8

      Hose Valves  Section 5-2 thru 5-7
 Pressure Regulating Valves 

                                  Sections 5-8 thru 5-17

Section 5-18
     500 LB Angle Valve 
Section 5-19
     Valve Handles 
Section 5-20

Fire Dept. ConnectionsFire Department Connections
     General Information  Section 6-2
     Inlet Connections 

          Flush Type 
Sections 6-3 thru 6-13
Storz Type  Section 6-14
Exposed Type  Sections 6-15 thru 6-16
Freestanding Type  Sections 6-17 thru 6-18
     Outlet Connections
          Flush Type 
Section  6-19
Exposed Type  Section  6-20
Hydrant Control Valves  Section 6-20
Sections  6-21 thru 6-22
     Pump Test Connections 
Sections  6-23 thru 6-24
     Roof Manifolds 
Section  6-25
     FDC Fitter Package 
Section  6-26
     Check Valves 
Section  6-27
Section  6-27
     Dry Hydrant Adapters 
Section  6-28
Fire Dept. ConnectionsSpecialties & Accessories
     Outside Storage Houses  Sections 7-2 thru 7-3
     Alternate Hose Storage Devices
Sections 7-4 thru 7-6
Continuous Flow Reels
          Non-Collapsible Rubber Hose
          Hose Carts

Hose Saddle Rack

          Hose Holder
          Hose Reels

Hump Racks 

          In-Column Rack

          Hose Hanger 

 Accessory Equipment  Sections 7-7 thru 7-8

     British Adapters & Accessories 
Sections 7-9 thru 7-10
CabinetsTesting Equipment & Sprinkler Equipment
     Sprinkler Heads  Section 8-2
     Sprinkler Head Accessories 
Section 8-3
     The Tester 
Section 8-4
     Gauges and Meters 
Section 8-5
     Supervisory Switches 
Section 8-6
Monitor NozzlesMonitor Nozzles
     Handle Operated  Section 9-2
     Wheel Operated 
Section 9-3
     Single Waterway 
Section 9-4
     Remote Control 
Section 9-5
     Nozzles For Monitors 
Section 9-6
Hydrants Mount Monitors  Section 9-7
     Flow Charts 
Section 9-8



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