Field Adjustable Pressure Reducing Hose Valve


  • Model: 5410, 5420, 5427, 5428, 5430, 5437, 5438


Automatically regulates pressure under flowing (residual) and non-flowing (static) conditions. Listed for use as a hose connection in Class I and Class III standpipe systems where inlet pressures require regulation.

Standard Features:

Angle type cast brass valve with red aluminum handle. Made/assembled in the USA or China.

Female NPT Inlet x Male NH/NST Outlet.

 - Low torque manual open/close handle.

 - Low torque field adjustable pressure setting easily determined with color coded indication label.

 - Tamper resistant protective shroud.

 - 1/4” Ports (4) drilled, tapped, and plugged. Install pressure gauges to monitor upstream and downstream pressures.

 - Visual Indicator for OPEN/CLOSED status.

 - Setting rod included with each valve.

 - Size & weight permits installation in 1700 Series Cabinet (18” x 18” x 8”).

Optional Features:

Optional Finishes: Polished Brass (PB), Rough Chrome (RC), or Polished Chrome (PC).

Grooved inlet with adapter.

Special hose threads on male outlet (Customer to specify).


UL®/ULC® Listed to 400 PSI for flow rates up to 500 GPM.

NYC MEA # 352-91-M.

City of Denver Approved.