• Model: 6360 thru 6365


Straight Storz Fire Department Connection

Application: Serves as an auxiliary inlet fire department connection to supplement fire protection water supply.  

Standard Features:

Storz universal threadless connections reduce connect time compared to traditional threaded ends and allow large volume water transfer with large diameter hose. Straight units are designed for wall mount installation. The lugged Storz head and cap make installation easy with standard wrenches in the market. The nitrile gasket seals the Storz head and cap. This seal prevents moisture and foreign matter from entering the connection. The stainless steel locking lever keeps the cap engaged and is a means for the installer to know when the seal is complete. Each connection comes standard with a stainless steel internal screen to prevent debris from entering the system, and a weep hole on the cap to prevent pressure from building up.

  • 250 psi rated straight forged T6160 aluminum adapter with Storz inlet, female NPT rigid rocker lug outlet, nitrile gasket, stainless steel locking lever, stainless steel internal screen, “Silvadillo” silver powder coat finish, and cap with chain and weep hole.

  • Red aluminum “AUTO SPKR” identification plate. Model 6361 is furnished with a rough brass plate as part of the standard unit.

Maximum working pressure: 250 PSI

Optional Features: 

  • Polished brass finished adapter, cap, and plate.

  • Polished chrome finished adapter, cap, and plate. 

  • Alternative lettering on plate. Custom lettering is available.

Available Models:

6360 – 4” Female NPT x 4” Storz

6361 – 5” Female NPT x 5” Storz

6362 – 4” Female NPT x 5” Storz

6363 – 6” Female NPT x 4” Storz

6364 – 6” Female NPT x 5” Storz

6365 – 6” Female NPT x 6” Storz