• Model: 1200


Remote Operated Test and Drain Valve

Application: Provides the test and express drain functions for wet fire sprinkler systems on multi-story installations remotely with the use of a solenoid valve.  The Model 1200 RemoteTEST® TESTan DRAIN® saves time and conserves manpower by offering a self-contained method to "remotely" fulfill the primary function of the wet pipe system inspector's test. It is the only product that enables an individual to perform the inspector's test function on multiple systems from a central and remote position. The Model 1200, which retains the ability to be manually tested, can be integrated into an existing addressable fire alarm panel, wired to an auxiliary panel, or activated by a localized switch.


  • Compact, Single-Handle Ball Valve
  • 1” Solenoid Valve (24V or 110V)  
  • Tamper-Resistant Test Orifice and Sight Glasses
  • Complies with NFPA 13 Requirements.
  • Made in the USA

Maximum working pressure: 300 PSI

Available sizes: 1", 1¼", 1½", 2" (BSPT available)

Orifice sizes: 3/8" (2.8K), 7⁄16" (4.2K), ½" (5.6K), 17⁄32" (8.0K), 5⁄8" (11.2K, ELO), ¾" (14.0K, ESFR), and K25


  • Model 365 Bypass Drain Loop Kit
  • Repair kits are available for all TESTanDRAIN® valves. Kit includes: Adapter Gasket (1), Ball (1), Valve Seats (2), Stem Packing (1), and Stem Washer (1). Valve and orifice size must be specified when ordering.


  • UL and ULC Listed (EX4019)
  • FM Approved