• 7920AI - Air Venting Valve Collection Assembly

7920AI - Air Venting Valve Collection Assembly

  • Model: 7920AI

Audible Air Venting Valve Collection Accessory for models 7900AAV and 7950ILV

Application: Designed to collect any moisture that may be expelled by the air venting valve while releasing air.  When water in the collection valve reaches a level where it needs to be emptied a visual LED light will blink and an audible alarm will sound.


  • Naturally Aspirating
  • Water Detector with Audible and Visual Notification
  • 1” MIPT x FIPT Water Collection Valve with Lever Handle
  • Battery Powered, Wired, or Plug-in Options
  • Union Connection
  • Fire Panel and BMS Notification Capabilities
  • Alarm can be mounted to either side of M7900AAV.