• 7900AAV - Automatic Air Venting Valve

7900AAV - Automatic Air Venting Valve

  • Model: 7900AAV

1” Automatic Air Venting Valve
Application: Designed to exceed NFPA 13 code that requires a single air vent be provided on each wet pipe sprinkler system utilizing metallic pipe.  To rapidly remove air from the system attach a hose to the purge valve’s hose connection and open the valve while the system is being filled. Once the system is in operation the automatic vent will release any excess air. The purge valve is also convenient for cleaning the strainer.
  • Patented, FM Approved, UL Listed M7900V Air Release Valve
  • Forged brass body with 1” NPT isolation valve
  • Stainless Steel 20 mesh strainer
  • Adjustable purge valve with hose connection, thread cap, and lanyard.
  • Unique conical shape maximizes clearance to protect valve from contamination
  • Recessed venting valve prevents damage to vent mechanism and float.
  • Single float on rigid shaft only allows vertical movement.
  • Bubble Breaker aids in the passage of air to the vent and acts as a secondary filter.
Maximum working pressure: 175 PSI (M7900V)
Available Sizes: 2”, 2.5”, 3”, 4”, 6”, 8”
Optional: Galvanized Mechanical Tee