• Model: 8073


The new 8073 Eco-Suspender Kit for 2" main drain testing is the perfect tool for any technician performing fire sprinkler inspections, or typical draining of a sprinkler system. The kit comes with a male and female NPT adapter in case you come across a main drain with, or without the 45 degree elbow.


  • Prevents erosion when drain is in a grassy area or landscaping.
  • The stainless steel fine screen traps scale and iron deposits.
    • This can be shown to property owner and add credibility as to why inspections and maintenance should be performed.
    • Environmentally friendly preventing foreign matter from being discharged onto sidewalks, parking lots or landscaping.
  • De-Chlorinate the water discharge when performing a 2" Main Drain Test by adding Ascorbic Acid or Sodium Sulfite Tablets
  • Case sold separately (8073-CASE).